Boise Summer Camps Offer Kids Fun

Dated: 04/29/2016

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Boise summer camps offer everything from swimming lessons to leadership training for local kids. 

Boise Summer Camps offer fun opportunities for local kids, including swimming lessons

Flexibility is often the most important part of summer vacation. Being able to adapt the camp schedule to your family situation is part of the program at Wings Center. Whether your child is in preschool or beginning junior high, you can create the perfect experience. Being open from 7am to 6pm makes this summer camp one of the easiest for people with an atypical work schedule. The camp also includes educational enrichment, swimming in the new pool, and lessons in art and cooking, ensuring every kid has a fun break.

Another group that offers a host of options is the Treasure Valley YMCA. Most people know about the camps offered for younger kids, but did you know that the Y offers leadership training for teens? These camps are offered for different skill levels and build upon each other. Teenagers learn about public speaking and peer counseling, along with how to be a positive role model. Management skills and critical thinking are important and give older teens something to put on a resume, especially if they advance into the counselor-in-training classes. Graduates of this program are often invited to apply for counselor positions the following summer.

Swimming classes are supplemental enrichment for all ages. Boise State University offers twice-a-week lessons for those eight years and older. Recreational swimmers and athletes alike are invited to advance their skills with college coaches. Drills and strength training are coupled with technical instruction to make swimmers competition-ready. Classes are Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and are offered in two sessions.

There are numerous Boise summer camps to choose from! Check out our other blog posts about summer camps that let theatrical kids shine and camps that get kids outdoors. Haven’t figured out what your family plans are yet? Keep checking back; we’ll be covering more summer programs AND sharing some of our favorite camping spots. We might even post some Dutch oven recipes for you to enjoy on your weekend outing!

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