A Taste Of The Globe At Boise International Market

Dated: 09/02/2015

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UPDATE: On Saturday, September 5, the Boise International Market was destroyed by an accidental fire. No one was harmed, but the businesses inside are lost. To help those who were affected by the fire, you can donate here. To learn more about the fire, go here. 

Idaho is our favorite state. Boise is our favorite city.

But when you need a taste of the international or are in search of global flair, then head over to the Boise International Market.

The Boise International Market provides food and items from around the world.

Located on the Bench, the Boise International Market has international produce and groceries, delicious food from around the globe, and goods and gifts you won't be able to find at Target or the mall.

While most people think of potatoes when they think Idaho, we know our state is much more than just a food. More than 72,000 people in the Treasure Valley speak a language other than English at home, according to the Boise International Market. And more than 11,000 refugees settled in the Treasure Valley between 1990 and 2011. It's great to be able to celebrate and enjoy the diversity of Boise in this one spot.

The Boise International Market has unique gifts from around the world.

If you have a chance to swing by during a mealtime, here are a few suggestions from our foodie-in-residence, Shannon Davidson:

Kibrom’s (Ethiopian)

A quick taste— order a samosa, the meat or vegetarian option are equally delicious and bursting with flavor.  You can try a few dishes with their combo plate option or just place an order for the Red Tibs— absolutely incredible!

The Goodness Land (Iraqi)

I hesitate to open this Pandora’s Box for you, but I must advise that you order the Shawarma— slowly roasted, melt in your mouth, amply spiced to perfection, chicken and/or lamb.  You will find yourself unable to think about anything else for the next few days until your craving has once again been satiated.  You’ll quickly become best friends with the kind owner, praising his culinary masterpieces.

The Goodness Land at Boise International Market has unique seating for patrons.

El Cafetal (Colombian)

You may be thinking, 'yeah, yeah, I’ve had a tamale before,' but have you ever had a Colombian tamal?  Well my friend, you are in for a savory and flavorful treat.  Order the Tamal Colombiano tender chicken and pork cradled in a moist masa with a smattering of potato and carrot wrapped beautifully in a banana leaf.  Be sure to try it with the green salsa they offer made with peppers, avocado, lime, tomato and cilantro!

Kahve Coffee Bar

Stop by on your way in or out - you won't want to miss their traditionally brewed Indian Masala Chai, steeped in hot milk for a creamy and spiced indulgence.  If coffee's what you're after, order a Turkish coffee served in an ornate set.

Not only will you enjoy delicious food and find unique items at the market, but you'll also be supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs. The market is more than a place to shop and eat, it's an incubator for people to easily enter the small business world with the help of an affordable space and useful mentoring. We love to support organizations that benefit Boiseans and our economy.

If you would love to live on Boise's Bench, then give Thinking Boise a call. Perhaps we can grab lunch at the market while house hunting!

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